Introducing Barcoding for the Modern Age

Food distribution businesses provide a diverse array of products to an assortment of customers, and quick, accurate order fulfillments are the difference between a successful reputation and a poor reputation. A simple way to avoid errors – and the inevitable customer dissatisfaction when errors are made – is through barcoding. Barcoding technologies collect, report, track, and distribute data on products and packaging, and today’s barcoding systems can do more than ever.

With a simple hand-held, mobile device, warehouse workers can head out into a vast warehouse – filled with various items and products – and gain assistance when picking items for an order. These new barcode systems allow workers to gain a logistical point of view, which allows them to move around the warehouse more effectively.

With batch picking, warehouse workers can also see everything that needs to be picked for an entire order and where each item is located in the warehouse, so they can strategize more effective plans. This allows for orders to be picked faster than ever. New barcode systems even capture weights of products as they are being scanned, ensuring that the heaviest and lightest items are placed appropriately in shipping trucks. There are two reasons why this is ideal for distributers.

First, it eliminates the need to calculate the weights of an entire shipment after the batch has been picked and is about to be loaded into a shipping vessel. As products are scanned, the weight is automatically calculated, which allows the pallet of items to simply be taken right onto the transport vessel. This saves a great deal of time in the packing and shipping process, and optimizes work staffs so more shipments can be made per day. Secondly, with more organized packing directions result in fewer damaged products. This means happier customers and a substantial cost savings for distributers.

At SR2Software, we offer affordable technology to our clients to quicken their fulfillment processes. Our barcoding solutions are built for supporting small and medium food distributers. We can work with your business to develop flexible solutions based on your business and customer needs.

Do you know how these modern barcoding systems can transform your company’s shipping processes and make your entire warehouse more efficient? Visit our website to learn more, and reach out to the Cornerstone Systems team today!