SR2Food’s EDI module serves as a gateway between your wholesale distribution business and the EDI partners that you are trading with. Our EDI software automates the interaction between “You” and “Them” with limited interference or human interaction.

A major benefit of EDI is the elimination of labor-intensive order processes that directly impact overhead and can be overcome through integrating with our EDI system. It simply makes it more efficient and significantly reduces your cost.

SR2Food’s EDI module has the potential to add significant business value providing a host of related benefits. For example; process orders faster, reduce order lead times, increase your cash flow efficiency, and attract new EDI-enabled customers. These benefits can, in turn, drive more efficient and effective customer service, leading to improved customer satisfaction and ultimately higher revenues. SR2Food’s EDI module can also greatly reduce manual effort, boost productivity across the fulfillment process, and eliminate costly mistakes.

Do not be fooled by food software that uses third-party EDI packages to facilitate their EDI capabilities. These require more integration and effort on your part. SR2Food’s EDI module is completely integrated into our software and is easy to set up and can be configured to your needs and the needs of your EDI partners.

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