6 Ways Online Ordering Has Transformed the Food Distribution Industry

Let’s take a brief journey into the past. Not so long ago, companies relied on large, over-worked sales teams, a cumbersome amount of phone calls, and error-ridden paper processes to operate their distribution businesses. And let’s talk about customer service. Clients were never sure if their orders would be accurate, when they would arrive, or if they would even arrive. The only way to check was to call in to distribution offices and hope you reached someone who knew what they were doing. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore.

The end game for any successful food distribution, wholesale, and manufacturing operation is simple: how do I increase efficiency and make more money so I can expand my business? Well, many companies seeking to reduce human-error and cut costs are turning to the latest online ordering software – especially since these new tools act more like online concierge services for customers while streamlining production for the warehouse.

Here are 6 ways online ordering is transforming the food distribution industry:

1. Ease of use – With a simple ID and password login, clients can gain access to their order information from anywhere at any time. Organized, efficient dashboards make it easy to scan through and access the information they need. The whole ordering process can be done quicker and more accurately than ever.

2. Empowering your customers – Give your users never-before realized power over their orders and accounts. From tracking orders to viewed histories and confirmations of placed orders, clients now have the ability to gain instant, organized visibility into their work with your distribution company.

3. Lowered sales overhead – Orders can be processed and sent to shipping and packing almost instantly, eliminating the sales middle-man originally needed.

4. More efficient processes – By eliminating burdensome paper processes and phone, companies can expedite order picking, packing, and shipping.

5. Time savings – With more automation, distributors save time inputting and fulfilling orders, which means customers get their orders even


6. Happier customers –By making the entire ordering process more efficient, products get to customers faster with fewer errors, which – in turn – makes clients happy. And, we all know, a happy client is a returning client.

Discover how harnessing the latest online ordering capabilities can transform the productivity of your entire business, as well as dramatically increase client satisfaction ratings. Reach out to a Cornerstone Systems expert today to learn more!