About Us

SR2Software is committed to our small and medium-sized food distribution, wholesale, and trader/broker customers in all aspects of food distribution software and support. We hang our collective hat on not only providing the best food distribution solution on the market, but also providing impeccable customer support.


SR2Software’s staff has over 35 years of experience in providing exceptional computer services and software. As a result of this experience our customers receive a better software product, valuable training, and extraordinary support at a better price.

Our method for continually improving our SR2Food solution has largely depended on our customer feedback. We have listened to our customers over the years and have continuously evolved a product that meets their daily basic needs, plus many more.


Not only is our staff dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service but they are highly trained. We implement extensive training over a two-month period so our staff members have a comprehensive understanding of SR2Food.

Our Diagnostic Process

SR2Software provides a distinct method for solving your business challenges. Instead of using a plug-and-go formula, we take time to learn about your current IT infrastructure, your current business and technology challenges, and your future distribution goals.

We diagnose your needs by discovering and investigating:

  • What products you distribute
  • If you own trucks to deliver products
  • What distribution software you use
  • Which software functions are missing from your current technology
  • What are the software features you would like to have to make your daily business more efficient

To learn more about the features of SR2Food request a live online demo today!