How Robots are Transforming the Future of Distribution

Take a moment and allow me to introduce you to the future of distribution: robots. If you’re imagining a scene from Terminator, or if you’re just a fan of the soon-to-be old school methods of packing and shipping, then here’s something to consider. On average, the typical warehouse worker spends 75-90% of all their time searching warehouses for items to fill orders.

For companies like Amazon that have around 150 million items that they organize, manage, and sell in their warehouses, it’s easy to see how workers can actually get lost searching for products. There are billions upon billions of possible order combinations, each of which require individual attention. So, how are robots going to help? Welcome to the world of delivery drones, where workers can instruct programmable robots to retrieve objects for them. It’s like playing fetch with the smartest dog in the world.

How do they work? From each picking station, workers send out 4×4 square foot robots that measure around 12 inches in height. These little buggers keep track of the exact location of items, drive right under the shelves that the needed items rest on, and lift them. They then carry the requested shelf to the waiting personnel working to fill orders. When they’re done, these robots drop the shelves off and then move on to the next item or order. With these delivery drones, distributors can almost double the efficiency of their shipping departments.

Of course, not every company is Amazon; not every company can afford million dollar robot delivery systems whizzing around their warehouses. However, all is not lost for smaller food distributors. Companies like SR²Software are designing solutions that enhance warehouse efficiency for a price tag that’s around 10 times less expensive than any other system out on the marketplace today.

SR²Food Software, designed for food distributors, helps companies optimize the performance of their employees by increasing distribution center efficiencies. These new technologies are budget-friendly and fulfill client needs while providing some of the technological perks that customers in today’s competitive marketplace expect. These systems give your company the brain of a robot without the exorbitant costs.

To discover how these systems can boost your food distributing prowess, contact a SR²Software expert today at 866.245.6216!