Extend the extensive capabilities of SR2Foods with these additional features:

Download the SR2Food Datasheet

SR2Food Pricing
Product Description List Price
SR2Food User license1,7 $1,500.00
SR2Food Server license2 $500.00
SR2Food Barcoding Module $3,000.00
SR2Food Online Ordering Module (web-based customer ordering) CALL!
SR2Food Lot Control Module $2,000.00
SR2Food Recipe/Manufacturing Module $2,000.00
SR2Food Fax Server $1,000.00
SR2Food Microsoft MapPoint Interface5 $500.00
SR2Food support fee (charged yearly)3,4 15% of Price
QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise Accounting6 CALL!

Pricing Example – Small Distributor with 3 users (No Windows Server)

SR2Food User License – 3 users (3 x $1,500.00) $4,500.00
SR2Food support fee4 $750.00
TOTAL COST $5,250.00

Pricing Example – Medium Distributor with 10 users (Windows 2008 Server)

SR2Food User License – 10 users (10 x $1,400.00) $14,000.00
SR2Food Server License $500.00
SR2Food support fee $2,175.00
TOTAL COST $16,675.00

1. Prices do not include the cost of QuickBooks software

2. Server license is only required if the customer has Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 or 2012

3. Entitles customer to 1 year of unlimited phone support, available from 8 AM to 6 PM EST Weekdays (excluding holidays), and to all version upgrades and bug fixes during paid support period. Extended support hours are available on a per call basis

4. Or a Minimum yearly support fee of $750.00

5. Includes the required single user retail license of Microsoft MapPoint

6. For Multiuser pricing on QuickBooks, Please call (866) 245-6216

7. If total number of users purchased is 10 or over but less than 20 the price per user is $1,400.00, if it is 20 users or more the price per user is $1,300.00